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The Top 3 Places Mold Can Hide

The top 3 places mold can hide

Mold can be found in any number of places both inside and outside of your home. Mold naturally grows in all environments. The problem with mold occurs when beyond normal levels of toxic mold growth occur in an area of your home. A problem can also occur when mold (toxic or non-toxic) negatively impacts the health of one or more members of your family. That's why it's important to know the places where mold can hide.

The top 3 hidden locations of mold are the crawlspace, the attic, and HVAC ducts. These are places that homeowners are less likely to check on a regular basis. They are also places where mold can reproduce unchecked and unnoticed. Given that, it's important to use the following tips to check these three hidden areas on a regular basis.

1. Crawlspace

To check for mold in your crawlspace, you'd want to go into your crawlspace periodically (two to four times a year) and look for signs of mold growth (both smell and visual signs of mold). You'll want to use a flashlight to investigate the area.

2. Attic

To check for mold in your attic, you'd need to go into the attic periodically (preferably every spring and fall). With a flashlight, check to make sure there are no water stains or leaks. Any sign of a moisture intrusion event could signal the growth of toxic mold.

3. HVAC ducts

To investigate if mold is hiding in your HVAC ducts, you'd have to look in the return air vent or send a camera or scope into the duct work. The problem with mold being in the HVAC ducts is this: any time you turn your heater or air conditioner on, you're blowing mold around your home. That's why it's important to have your HVAC ducts cleaned every year. This reduces the likelihood of having a mold issue in the future.

If you have any concerns about mold in your home, contact Steve at CNC Contractor Services (Email: and we can schedule a phone consultation that will give you a step-by-step personalized mold plan that will guide you through what to do next.

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