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We are a certified and insured mold mitigation contractor.  We will restore the property to healthy living conditions.  The mold mitigation process requires more than simply tearing out sheetrock.  When done effectively, it's an involved process that includes air scrubbers, containment, and other critical processes required to return the property to a viable state.  A detailed estimate will be provided for mold mitigation.  Email us at to get an estimate. 


For home owners living in the U.S., Steve provides home construction/remodel consulting.  Via a planned site visit, Steve will assess the interior and exterior of your home, assess the home's infrastructure for mold weaknesses, evaluate moisture intrusion risks (ex: roof, grading and drainage, etc.), and will consult the homeowners are specific structural changes that can maintain the integrity of the home, fix mold producing interior and exterior problems and provide a detailed, step-by-step plan for completing home construction and/or remodel plans.  This service is provided by estimate only and will include transportation and lodging costs for Steve to consult with you on-site at your home location.  Email us at to get an estimate. 


A full mold inspection involves a 2-3 hour inspection of the entire infrastructure of the home (interior and exterior).  This includes evaluating:

  • roof structure and stability

  • grading and drainage

  • leaks and damage to interior walls

  • mold susceptibility in each of the rooms

  • crawl space/attic exposure to toxic mold 

  • heating/air/ventilation related mold concerns 

  • mold testing (**requires an extra fee)

NOTE: The mold inspection is a more thorough, comprehensive evaluation of the mold situation in your home.  While an initial consultation can provide some understanding of the mold concerns in your home, a full mold inspection will provide more information on the root cause behind any significant mold concerns.  **Only applicable to residents of Utah and Wyoming. 

**Mold testing is an additional fee and the fees are based on the type of testing to be performed.  Typical fees are $90 per sample plus shipping fees (approximately $30 for overnight).   

**The mold inspection price is for homes up to 3,000 square feet. 


The radon test will be performed to current EPA standards with a CRM (Continuous Radon Monitor).  The machine will be placed inside the property for a minimum of three days.  At the conclusion of the test, the results will be printed on site.  The inspector will advise the property owner of the findings. 

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