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ABOUT STEVEN WORSLEY, Owner CNC Contractor Services 

Born and raised in Clearfield, Utah, Steve has spent over twenty years in the construction field.  From general contracting to home inspections to mold mitigation and rehabilitation  founded Worsley Inspections LLC in 2004.  As a certified home inspector (2004), radon tester (2005), mold inspector (2007), and mold mitigation contractor (2012), Steve can test your home for radon levels.  He can also test for mold levels or toxic molds in your home and perform all mitigation processes required to return your home to a healthy and safe state. 

If you're looking for efficient, thorough, and high quality care for your home, CNC Contractor Services is your leading provider of mold testing and mitigation.


Steve is the author of the following books:

The Mold Epidemic new cover JPG.jpg
Mold and My Old Home ebook cover.png
Black mold and my old home V1.png

You can check out all of his books on Amazon at

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