a 90 minute mold consultation and strategy call

You suspect there's mold in your home.  

You may be experiencing mold illness symptoms.

You can smell it.  You can see it.

And you're up at night wondering where else there could be mold.

Your 2 o'clock in the morning question: Is my house making me sick? 

Before you hire a 'mold expert'...

Before you you Google how to use bleach to clean up mold...

Before you go to your doctor, explain your symptoms and get told mold isn't the issue...

It's time to put together a solid plan to assess, manage, and mitigate your mold concerns.  

When you schedule a 90 minute mold consultation and strategy call with Steve, here's what you get:

  • a comprehensive pre-call home environment and indoor air quality review (you'll fill out a questionnaire documenting the history and current situation of your mold concerns and Steve will review, research, and prepare some mold protection measures that are customized to your home environment)

  • an indoor air quality discussion and assessment

  • the creation of a personalized mold follow-up report and evaluation plan after the call 

  • a moisture intrusion checklist, mold prevention schedule, and a step-by-step plan of the next steps to further investigate and handle your mold concerns

  • the ability to ask questions, learn more about what causes mold and mold mitigation strategies, how to find a highly qualified mold contractor in your local area, and a thorough discovery session to determine the timeline and exact approach you need to take to protect the health and home of your family

  • the knowledge and expertise of a mold contractor with over 20 years of mold mitigation, home inspection and general contractor experience. 


The cost to schedule your mold consultation and strategy call is $299.00.  The process for scheduling the call is as follows: 

Step 1: Click the button below to pay the consultation fee.

Step 2: Complete the Mold Environment Questionnaire (MEQ) that we'll email you after payment is made.  Please have this completed within 48 hours of your scheduled call time. 

Step 3: Schedule your 90 minute call.  We will contact you to schedule your mold consult.  Please keep in mind that the open time slots book quickly.  While it is best to schedule your appointment as soon as you've paid the consultation fee, please also keep in mind that if you delay scheduling the call, there may be a 1-2 week wait for a consultation appointment. 

Step 4: Please email any photos/videos of your mold concerns/home environment to Steve prior to the call at