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Below are links to products that I talk about or recommend. Please note that I am an affiliate with some of these companies. If you don’t use the link I have posted, I don’t get any recognition for your purchase. Please do me a favor and use the links I’ve posted. If for some reason the link isn’t working, please reach out to us at 


**NOTE: We do NOT guarantee any of these products. 


Below are resources related to mold (mold testing, detection and mitigation). 

Resource Name: My Mold Detective Kit 

Description: This is an air testing kit to do your own air testing. This kit does NOT include the lab fees for the Air-O-Cell cassette analysis by the mode lab. 


Resource Name: Mold definitions From a Microbiology Lab

Description: This is a link to a microbiology lab that defines mold types.



Resource Name: Real Time Labs (RTL) Mycotoxin Testing Kit (EMMA) with my Interpretations 

Description: This is the link to purchase a DIY mycotoxin testing kit. We will have the kit shipped directly to your home. The kit will include all sampling media, collection instructions and return shipping envelope. **NOTE: I will not include my interpretations if you purchase the kit directly from RTL. 


Resource Name: RTL Videos

Description: There are many informational videos from Real Time Lab. Below are the go-to videos I recommend.


Resource Name: RTL EMMA vs ERMI

Description: This is a quick video from Real Time Lab that shows the difference between EMMA and ERMI testing.


Resource Name: RTL Mycotoxin Video

Description: This is a video from Real Time Labs that explains what mycotoxins are.


Resource Name: RTL Be Your Own Advocate for Environmental Testing

Description: This is another video from RTL explaining testing methods.



Resource Name: Luft IAQ Monitor

Description: This is the link for the IAQ monitor I talk about on the podcast. This is the same unit I use in my home. This unit will monitor: radon, tVOC, eCO2, temperature, humidity and air pressure. If you purchase this monitor through my link, I will include my review of the quarterly results, for one year.



Resource Name: Mold Investigation Checklist 

Description:  Grab a free checklist that will help you document the mold issues you're dealing with. 

Download Your Free Checklist: 

Resource Name: Mold Fact Sheet 

Description: Grab a free mold fact sheet that gives you a solid overview of key facts you need to know about mold.  

Download Your Free Fact Sheet: 

Resource Name: Hire the Right Mold Pro 

Description:  Grab a free resource guide with tips on hiring the right mold pro. 

Download Your Free Resource Guide: 

Resource Name: Mold Journal Worksheet

Description: Grab a free mold journal worksheet that you can use to keep track of mold infestation and sickness symptoms.  



The Mold Epidemic new cover JPG.jpg

The Mold Epidemic by Steve Worsley.  

Available on Amazon. 

Black mold and my old home V1.png

Black Mold and Home Inspections by Steve Worsley.  

Available on Amazon. 

Mold and My Old Home ebook cover.png

Toxic Mold & My Old Home by Steve Worsley.  

Available on Amazon. 

Black Mold Avoidance.png

Black Mold Avoidance: How to Build a Mold Resistant Home by Steve Worsley.  

Available on Amazon. 

CNC Book- Inside Toxic Mold eBook version V3.png

Inside Toxic Mold by Steve Worsley.  

Available on Amazon. 




Resource Name: Canister HEPA Vacuum 

Description: This is a great vacuum to use for mold remediation and cleaning around your home.


Resource Name: Surface Moisture Meter

Description: This is a great moisture meter to measure the moisture in your home. There are four different settings: drywall, masonry, hardwood (oak, cherry, walnut, maple, etc.) and softwood (fir, spruce, pine, cedar, etc.). This only only for surfaces, this does not have pins.


Resource Name: Infrared Camera

Description: This is a high quality Flir camera to identify missing insulation or moisture concerns behind the walls, floors and ceilings. These are the same types of cameras we use as professionals.


Resource Name: Bluetooth Humidity Gauges

Description: These are gauges that are bluetoothed so you don’t have to go look at the gauge. They are great for areas not frequently used such as: attics, crawlspaces, etc.


Resource Name: High Quality Flashlight 

Description: This is an 800 lumen LED rechargeable flashlight. This is the same brand I use on inspections.


Resource Name: High Quality Journal 

Description: This is a wonderful hardback journal for those of you that like to write on paper.


Resource Name: Benefact Hard Surface Wipes

Description: These are the wipes we use on hard surfaces (desks, countertops, devices, etc.) to do our final wipedown.


Resource Name: Alarm to Alert You to Wet Surfaces

Description: This a water alarm that can be utilized to alert you to a water leak or standing water. You can place this in a mechanical room, crawlspace, attic or any area you don’t use often.


Resource Name: Inexpensive Humidity Gauges (3 pack)

Description: These are great gauges to place around your home to monitor the humidity levels. You must use these in places you frequently visit (bathroom wall, bedroom wall, kitchen wall, etc.).


Resource Name: Fiberlock IAQ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner 

Description: This is the cleaning solution we use to wipe down building materials with suspected mold. I wouldn’t recommend using this on porous surfaces that are going to be salvaged. It can discolor the material it's used on.


Resource Name: Disposable Gloves 

Description: These are high quality disposable gloves we use for mold remediation.


Resource Name: Mask with Safety Goggles 

Description: This is an inexpensive mask that can be used for mold remediation. This is only a half mask.


Resource Name: Full Face Mask

Description: These are high quality face masks we use for mold remediation.


Resource Name: Tyvek Suits

Description: These are the suits we use for mold remediation.


Resource Name: Stakes for Vapor Barrier

Description: These are the stakes we use to secure the vapor barrier to the dirt.


Resource Name: Seam Tape for Vapor Barrier

Description: This is the seam tape we use for vapor barriers.


Resource Name: Plastic Sheeting for Vapor Barrier 

Description: This is 6 mil plastic sheeting used for a vapor barrier on the crawlspace soils. I prefer black, because you can see water stains.


Resource Name: Personal Infrared Sauna 

Description: This is an inexpensive personal spa to help with mold detoxing.


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