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Conduct your own Mold CSI Investigation 

Are you concerned about mold in your home?  Are you renting a place that you're concerned may have a mold infestation?  Have you just bought an older home and wonder if it has toxic mold?  Have members of your family experienced mold sickness symptoms and you want to document the symptoms to take your doctor?  Are you getting ready to buy a home and want to be sure that there isn't currently a mold infestation?  

Mold prevention requires the ability to know what to look for, to document what you're seeing, and to bring your findings to the right experts.  There are several different components included in the kit: flashlight, humidity gauge, guidebook, DIY testing kit, etc.

The Mold Box is a Do-It-Yourself mold prevention and investigation kit designed to teach you how to successfully manage the indoor air quality of your home so you can do everything in your power to prevent toxic mold.  


Protect the health of your home and family. 


Grab your copy of The Mold Box today!  


FREE Shipping 

**NOTE: Orders will ship within 5-7 business days of purchase. 

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